Transitioning from military life back into the civilian sector is a challenge all veterans face. Unfortunately, many veterans lack the adequate tools and resources needed to meet this challenge. The results are an alarmingly high rate of veteran suicide, depression, divorce, homelessness, and substance abuse. We exist to aid our nation's veterans through what is perhaps the most challenging aspect of the military experience: Coming Home.
We help empower veterans reintegrating into civilian life by growing produce, raising farm animals, and conducting seminars on holistic health and sustainability. Additionally, we foster a thriving micro-community of veterans and civilians who build deep friendships, implement innovative gardening techniques, and help cultivate emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Latest Press

  • VHF Community Center

    Veterans Healing Farm plans expansion

    Charity plans community center made of renovated shipping containers Funds from private donors and a local community foundation point to expansion at the Veterans Healing Farm. The...

  • Veterans Healing Farm

    Veterans Healing Farm expands its reach

    The sense of a loss of mission can be huge for veterans transitioning into civilian life — often, a civilian job can’t replicate the feeling...

  • VHF Tribe

    Healing Farm Grows Community

    Near the wheelchair-accessible strawberry hills at Veterans Healing Farm, two shipping containers rest on a grassy patch as if dropped there by a strong storm....